Building the source code

If you want to build the amalia.js library yourself, you will need a fully functionnal npm / bower/ grunt environment. If you want to use the trunk directly instead of stable releases, you also need to have git installed. For Ubuntu, you can install everything quite easily :

sudo apt-get install git

sudo apt-get install npm

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

sudo npm install -g bower

sudo npm install -g grunt-cli    	
If you are behind a proxy, don't forget to configure correctly these tools :

git config --global http.proxy

git config --global https.proxy

npm config set proxy

npm config set https-proxy

# Create or edit ~/.bowerrc with the following lines




You are now ready to compile amalia.js. First get the source code

git clone amalia.js
Then compile

cd amalia.js

bower install

npm install

We use PhantomJS to run some unit tests. Unfortunately, this tool has a dependency on FontConfig that is hidden. If you have an error while building amalia.js regarding this library, simply install it

sudo apt-get install fontconfig
Make sure your build directory is available trough a web server. As an example, if you have Apache installed under Ubuntu

sudo ln -s ~/amalia.js /var/www/html/amalia.js
You can now acces the sample applications with your freshly build amalia.js at