Text synchronization plugin

This second textual plugin is used to synchronize the media stream with text outside of the player. It is particularly suitable for speech-to-text transcriptions. Indeed, you can have different levels of text representation (as explained in our metadata section for textual informations representation) and choose to display a broad version of the text, like the sentences, with a dynamic highlight on a finer granularity level. Thus you can have a kind of karaoke effect.

These are the specific options for configuring plugin behavior:

Options Type Description
metadataId String Metadata block id to bind to
title String headline text
description Boolean Subtitle of the plugin(optional text)
level Number which tclevel of textual metadata will be parsed
displayLevel String which tclevel of textual metadata will be displayed (may be different from the level)
autoScroll Object Enable auto scrolling mode. (default:false)



    src : "samples-data/examples/vid/amalia01.mp4",

    plugins : {

        dataServices : [



        list : [


                'className' : 'fr.ina.amalia.player.plugins.TextSyncPlugin',

                'container': '#myplayer-tsync-tsync',

                'parameters' : {

                    metadataId : 'text-amalia01',

                    title: 'My title',

                    description: 'A description I may have to put here',

                    level : 1,

                    displayLevel: 1,

                    scrollAuto : true