Editor plugin (in progress)

The purpose of this plugin is to annotate media. this plugin is composed of tree parts:

  • ListEditor: In charge to delete or duplicate metadata.
  • BlockEditor: In charge to edit metadata block.
  • ItemsEditor: In charge to edit selected items.

A server side toy application to load ans save metadata blocks will soon be available in the amalia-tools project for demonstration purposes. Below left you will find the plugins for edit metadata and on right the plugin timeline to view the changes.


Options Type Description
defaultDataType String Set default data type.
defaultAuthor String Set default author.
defaultColor String Set default color. Default value:#2196f3
defaultShape String Default value:circle


Options Type Description
shapesListOfElements String Set list of shapes. default[ 'legal', 'facetime', 'circle' ]


Options Type Description
defaultPercentWidth Number Set default percent of segment. Default value: 0.1